Bushmeat Documentary

Bushmeat Documentary

The apes of Central Africa are dying. For countless generations, humans co-existed in the jungle with chimpanzees, gorillas, and bonobos within a sustainable balance. As logging roads penetrate ever deeper into the forests, this balance is being destroyed.


While once eaten infrequently for subsistence, apes are now being slaughtered as “bushmeat” on a commercial scale to provide food for loggers and an illicit delicacy for city markets. Ape populations are plunging toward extinction and the bushmeat crisis is a leading cause.

Available for the first time on DVD, this compelling documentary explores the depths of the Bushmeat trade in Africa and the ongoing efforts to save the great apes. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD will help the Forest Health Alliance in their campaign to stop the bushmeat trade.

In this sensitive but searing documentary, first aired on Discovery Channel Canada, director Dawna Treibiczs takes viewers on a harrowing journey from the depths of the Congo Basin to the dark corners of an underground meat market in Cameroon, and beyond.

Featuring testimonials by world-renowned authority Jane Goodall and Canadian bioethicist Kerry Bowman, Bushmeat also illuminates ongoing efforts to save our closest evolutionary relatives from certain annihilation, demonstrating that progress is sometimes made one precious ape at a time.

This special edition of Bushmeat includes an update note from Dr. Bowman highlighting the work of the Forest Health Alliance in seeking solutions.

The Forest Health Alliance would like to acknowledge, with gratitude, the exceptional cooperation and generosity of the producers, Exploration Production Inc., for allowing us to repurpose this documentary from TV to DVD, helping to raise awareness of this important global issue.

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